Matthew Riches

Hi, I'm Matthew Riches; designer, developer and gamer.


Wrote my first computer programme.

15 Crown

Created my first video game.

16 Briefcase

Created high-end computer retail company; I sold it 3 years later.

16 Paper Airplane

Left school with 12 GCSEs and 2 national merits.

20 Dislike

Officially reviewed first game.

22 Gem

Got engaged!

23 Skull

BSc 1:1, Psychology at Open University.

23 Computer

Volunteer teacher for Ipswich Computing Society.

23 Award

Received first web design award.

24 Disk

Created a company to solve computer problems; it was bought by Microsoft.

24 Rocket

Helped build some of the core WordPress modules.

24 News Flash

Featured on Anglia News as video game specialist.

25 Pencil

Assistant Editor for PlayStation EU Blog (unofficial).

25 Person

Helped build an Extranet for the biggest face-to-face marketing company in the world.

25 Heart

Created not-for-profit site No Fuss Reviews.

25 Browser

Published first browser extension.

26 Takeaway

Created a company to find takeaway menus; it was bought by Just Eat.

26 Award

Google AdWords Certification.

26 Stats

Created a social media strategy that increased engagement by 3,000%.

27 Award

SEO Agency Certification.

27 Film Strip

Provided UX consultancy to Midstream Media.

27 Megaphone

First time supporting E3 live blog.

27 Robot

Editor-in-chief for Games, Gadgets and Gizmos.

28 Award

SEM Agency Certification.

28 Lock

Got married!

28 App Switch

Published first mobile app.

29 News

Created video game news aggregation site; it was bought by NewsBoiler.

28 Award

MCA SQL Server 2008.

29 Place Pin

Moved to Cambridge.

30 Music

Listen to what I'm listening to .

30 Phone

Launched KarmApp mobile app for tracking Karma.

31 TEST Clan

Technical and marketing support for TEST Clan.

33 Apple Watch

Fall detection & noise detection in Apple Watch.

36 Trash

Left all social media sites.


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